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Our Running Bespoke Orthotics are graded in phases, 1-4 plus bare.

Ideal for everyday use and made in a thin profile to fit into most dress/work shoes. Chose the length and phase based on your needs and budget. An explanation of our phasing system is included below. The most popular by far is Phase 3.

*** Colour will vary depending on materials used***

If you require additional orthotics for other activities such as sport then you will receive a 25% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER.

If in doubt, we recommend a FULL LENGTH orthotic in phase 3. They do not move around in your shoe and provide support and comfort right to the tips of your toes!


Our Running Bespoke Orthotics are graded in phases, 1-4 plus bare.

This is to simplify the process and allow people with different needs and budgets decide on the best phase.

Phase 1. EVA foam custom made orthotic with a basic top cover. Good for light use and for those of low to normal weight. Not as great if you are very active, are heavier than the average person or spend long periods on your feet.

Phase 2. Premium EVA foam moulded to a higher quality top cover. This option adds more support for those that need it and more comfort. Better for those that are more active.

Phase 3. OUR BEST SELLER. Extra light-weight premium EVA foam which is dual function; meaning that different layers of foam are used to provide support in some places (such as under your arch) and comfort elsewhere (such as under the balls of your feet and heels) Our Custom orthotic slippers are also made in phase 3 and can be purchased at the same time as your regular orthotics for a discount. Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic and Breathable.

Phase 4. MOST POPULAR WITH OLDER PATIENTS, THOSE WITH ARTHRITIS AND Runners. As Phase 3, but also using hospital grade Poron materials. This includes the most comfortable top covers we have EVER experienced, as they are designed for diabetics to reduce pressure sores, but are also FANTASTIC for those with injuries and arthritis.

Alternatively, athletes and runners ordering Phase 4 will receive Poron Vive which is not only extremely comfortable, but has fantastic rebound properties to give you a spring in your step and reduce fatigue and injuries.

Bare. Only recommended for those that have worn orthotics before and know what this feels like. We would always recommend a top cover. If you have not ordered from us before, our technicians may contact you to make sure that this is the right option for you. It includes a basic light-weight EVA mould.

*** Colour will vary depending on materials used***

Phase 1-4 runs across ALL of our products.

All you have to do is select the type of product that best suits your needs and then select a phase. Most of our customers order 2-3 pairs, and you will receive a 25% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER. This also includes our new slipper range.

Buy two or more pairs and get25% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER, plus don't forget your custom SLIPPERS... 
Multi-Buy Discount - SAVE 25% 

Video explaining the shock absorbing properties of Poron Top Covers in our Phase 4 orthotics...

Here is a video explaining PORON VIVE... 


Our lab has invested in state of the art 3D scanning equipment that is millimetre accurate. When combined with our Italian engineered computer guided milling machines; we can assure you of the perfect fit. 
Whilst a bespoke product cannot be refunded; we give you peace of mind with our 60 day guarantee.
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