For bespoke range of sports specific custom orthotics.

Company outline & vision:

We are launching a new innovative range of bespoke custom orthotics (insoles) that are created with laser precision from a foam impression of your feet that is scanned by our 3D laser then milled from a single block of specially formed layers of EVA foam or carbon fibre by an AI robotic machine made in Italy.

The beauty is that people don’t have to leave home for the assessment and by cutting out the expensive clinic & doctors we can reduce the starting cost of a pair of custom orthotics from £400-500 to just £99 - WITHOUT compromise on quality.

We also have a team of biomechanical experts who assess body alignment after the orthotics have been delivered using our Argmented Reality posture software to make sure they are doing their job of improving your body mechanics and make suggestions if they feel you would benefit from an assessment locally on anything they see that isn’t right. Most custom orthotics arrive with NO aftercare or consideration for the body above the feet. This product was designed by a team of chiropractors and sports physical therapists to improve the entire kinematic chain; and not just the arches of your feet.

This is a world first!!!


Phase 1.

Interested athletes to contact us with a brief outline of how they will help the brand grow.

Phase 2.

Shortlisted athletes will be contacted and a foot impression kit will be sent in the post, once returned to the lab we will design, manufacture and send you three pairs of orthotics.

Alternatively you can travel to Nottingham and spend a day in our diagnostics lab where we have expert practitioners, diagnostic ultrasound, x-ray, a 3D LiDar spine scanner, gait analysis and sEMG muscle probes. This is worth £599 and be free for prospective athletes. We will give you all the support we can on any injuries and/or biomechanical issues that you have, including treatment on the day if appropriate.

We would send a premium pair made of carbon fibre composite, another pair in our highest spec EVA so you can compare and a comfort pair for everyday use with a super comfortable premium top cover, perfect for your recovery between training sessions. Total value $854 + shipping which would be yours to keep.

We would then expect you to try them and send us your comments and feedback together with a few photos of you using the orthotics and smiling to camera with them. We also would need a short 20-30 second video discussing what you like/love about them.

Nothing fancy, no professional recordings, just a phone video would be sufficient as we want it to be a real endorsement rather than a plastic pitch! But the more you do at this stage; the better your chances of progressing to the next stage.

Regardless of whether you are successful after this stage, you will be able to keep all three pairs of orthotics. We will reserve the right to use your photos/video/comments/testimonial on our social/website indefinitely.

You will not be expected to post anything to your social following at this stage.

Phase 3.

Athletes who successfully progress to phase three will be asked for any further design input before their sports range goes on sale.

We will clarify what you will do for the brand and negotiate a percentage royalty package. We will provide a unique discount code link for you to include in your posts/stories etc for your followers. Whilst you will receive royalties on TOTAL sales in your range; we want to measure the impact of your branding activity.

Phase 4.

We go live with your line of sports bespoke orthotics and you will receive a royalty payment for the agreed time and whilst you keep to the agreed branding activity.

We will only be selecting one athlete per product line (in rare cases we will consider several) so please let us know WHY we should work with you.

No photoshoot or physical appearances needed.

Percentage profit share is based on your proposed commitment and engagement with the brand together with your social influence. This will be discussed during negotiations. Examples are for reference and are non-binding.

Example 1:
£169 product cost
£105 production cost
£64 Max gross profit
3% to athlete = £1.92 per pair

Example 2:
£279 product cost
£125 production cost
£154 Max gross profit
10% to athlete = £15.40 per pair

We predict sales of 5-800 pairs per week across our bespoke ranges.

Terms and conditions will apply - discussed on negotiation. Percentage royalty based on social influence and status, sport and your proposed input into the growth of the brand.

Message from the Founder:

I look forwards to your comments and feedback on our products. Fingers crossed we will be working with you sometime soon. Our team are great at rehab but we are really excited about "pre-hab" - working with you to PREVENT INJURIES, and our technology is fantastic at finding problems before they cause pain and injury. 

Dr matthew A Potts BSc MSc DC

Clinical Director 
Doctor of Chiropractic 
Specialist Scoliosis Consultant 
Member of the Scoliosis Association (UK)
Chair of the Clinical Advisory Board at Meloq AB
Member of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Editorial board member of international journals CICRJ & Rehabilitation Science
Trustee & board member of OpenMinds Registered charity no: 1079009


Our lab has invested in state of the art 3D scanning equipment that is millimetre accurate. When combined with our Italian engineered computer guided milling machines; we can assure you of the perfect fit. 
Whilst a bespoke product cannot be refunded; we give you peace of mind with our 60 day guarantee.
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